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I’m having a v bad afternoon and I am just so grumpy so please be gentle with me or I might snap

I don’t know how to write songs, I’m going to enroll in music thru tafe.
I need to get better

me = cool bisexual, good taste in music, bad at simple math


This is the most about me post I have ever reblogged.

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What should I learn and cover on banjo?
I’m starting to get the hang of it, I wanna start recording covers and.put out a short 5 song EP or something.


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You never know..


You never know..

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and I will remember that summer
as the summer I was taking steroids,
cause you like a man with muscles
and I like you

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Congratulations, gamer girls—you’re officially at the top of the food chain when it comes to games. A new study released by the Entertainment Software Association has revealed that adult women now occupy the largest demographic in the gaming industry. Women over 18 made up a whopping 36 percent of the gaming population, followed by adult men at 35 percent. 




I support thick thighs

Thick thighs, thin thighs, muscular and everything in between, just let me wear em like ear muffs

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The children know


The children know

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